Vintage Power Rangers Grab Bag Starter Set

$77.00 $61.60

Year: 1994 and later
Condition: Varying from good to near mint
First edition vintage collectable

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the famous teenage morphers with this collection of everything Power Rangers! This is a mixed set of Power Rangers-themed toys from various kids meal programs from both vintage TV and movie series. The set includes figurines, vehicles, watches and other gadgets as shown.

Also includes a partial box of 13 mint condition unopened packages of 1st series trading cards featuring the original Power Rangers. Each pack contains 7 Power Ranger cards, 1 Power Foil etched card plus a Power Pog Cap. The fronts of the cards feature cast members from the movie and a wide variety of artwork from the movie. The back of each card contains facts, stories, and secret messages to decode. That’s 117 cards/pogs in their original box, plus 22 toys for hours of fun- an instant collector set of vintage Power Ranger toys. Makes a great gift!

Photos are of of actual item. Climate controlled storage and minimally handled. Sold as is. Only one set available.

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