1977 STAR WARS Musical Score Book

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Year: 1977
Manufacturer: 20th Century Fox
Condition: Good condition
1st edition, 2nd printing vintage collectable

First edition vintage collectable

The original vintage Musical Score Book from 1977 – in very good condition. Like many STAR WARS items, the cover is black, and shows some light wear along the spine. Printed on glossy heavyweight stock, this is a deluxe suouvenir folio of music selections, photos and stories from the STAR WARS movie.

Contains the musical scores from 4 STAR WARS pieces composed by John Williams. 1) The main title piano solo; 2) Main Title Sketch Score; 3) Princess Leia’s Theme Piano Solo; and 4) Cantina Band Sketch Score. Plus lots of color and black and white photos from the STAR WARS movie. 9″ x 12″, 64 pages. Copyrighted 1977 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, 2nd printing.

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