1977 STAR WARS LP Vinyl Record Album Set

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First edition vintage collectable

The Original Soundtrack from the 20th Century Fox Film STAR WARS Conducted by John Williams, Performed by the 87 pc. London Symphony Orchestra in 1977. This is the original record album Pressed by 20th Century Records. Purchased in 1977 from a Musicland in Rochester, MN. The cover artwork is all black, so there are a few scratches and worn areas visible, but overall it’s in great shape. Nice clean graphics of Darth Vader on the back.

The 2 disks were played just a couple times in 1977, and the quality is still amazing in 2017! It has the ambiance of recorded vinyl— a few clicks and pops, but rich vibrant stereo sound only a vinyl record can produce. Includes Princess Leia’s Theme, the Imperial Attack theme, a total of 16 tracks, 74 minutes long. Includes original paper record jacksts. Plus, it includes a very informative liner sheet, describing the movie action matching each sound track, along with John Williams’ comments about each composition. Also included with the original album is a mail-in offer for an “Official Star WARS T-Shirt” $5.00 for adults, $4.50 for children’s sizes! One original 2 record set available and it’s gone.

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