1976/1977 STAR WARS Movie Press Kit #1

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Year: 1977
Manufacturer: 20th Century Fox
Condition: Good to very good condition
1st edition vintage collectable

First edition vintage collectable

This is very rare. It’s the first press kit sent out to newspapers and magazines back in the 1970’s for entertainment editors. Includes everything a newspaper or magazine would need to publish an article about the original STAR WARS movie. The Kit includes a wealth of pre-release information about the movie. This was before desktop computers, so everything is HAND TYPED!

Includes film synopsis, biographies of the cast and crew, production notes, and more. Fascinating stories from cast and crew. Find out what nickname Mark Hammill and George Lucas have in common, and why that nickname led Lucas to grow a beard! Includes a 20 page pressbook of black and white newspaper ads in varying column widths and heights to go into newspapers. The newspaper ads are copyrighted 1976.

Probably the best part of the Press Kit is a set of 10 original high gloss black and white photos from the movie. These were printed on high resolution heavy photo paper and had two purposes. One was for reprinting in newspapers. The images were also used as lobby cards. Movie theaters used to have wooden frames on the wall which held photos from movies. Once the movie was done playing at a location, the lobby cards were typically tossed in the garbage. These photos / lobby cards are unused and came with the original Press Kit. They are in very good condition with no bends or scratches and no yellowing. They come in their original paper jacket. Over time, the glossy varnish has developed some faint minor pinhole size irregularities in the glossy varnish layer of several of the photos, which is not uncommon and does not distract from the crisp, vibrant photography.

• 100 pages of film synopsis, biographies, production notes, etc.

• 20 page pressbook with newspaper ads for use by movie theaters

• Ten high resolution glossy photo lobby cards, each 8 1/8″ x 10 1/4″ in size of scenes from the movie

• Signed letter  dated in 1977 referring to the Press Kit from 20th Century Fox Advertising and Publicity Dept.

• Outer folder with STAR WARS logo has some creases and spine wear. Hand typed pages are on a variety of typing papers, so some have aged (yellowed) more than others with minor edge irregularites on the botoom edges of some of the pages. Everything else is in good to very fine shape.

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