2004 Darth Vader Voice Changing Helmet and Chest Module

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Year: 2004
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Condition: Very good condition

This is a very cool piece of Star Wars memorabilia offered by Hasbro in 2004 as part of the Original Trilogy collection. Far from a cheap mask, this is a well designed and molded full head helmet of Lord Vader. The two piece solid plastic design snaps together to cover the head entirely. It fits like a glove and is adjustable for adults and children. The one way eye shields let you see out but no one can see in, helping create a dark and moody presence.

Then it gets Star Wars cool. Press the switch on the chest module control panel to hear the original voice of Darth Vader, James Earl Jones, speaking classic phrases from the Star Wars movie. “The force is with you”, “You don’t know the powers of the dark side”, “Your powers are weak”, “Don’t make me destroy you!” Speaks in a loud, intimidating voice. Press another button and it makes the classic Darth Vader heavy breathing sound effect. Very intimidating. And it gets even better! Inside the helmet is a built-in microphone. Push the voice synthesizer button and everything you say comes out in a villianeous Vader voice!

Darth’s helmet has a few light scuffs and scratches from light years battling the rebel alliance, but Vader’s minions polished it up so it’s cleaned, shined, and ready for action once again. We’ll install 3 fresh AA batteries so it’s ready to use immediately. See the video of the mask in action below.

Photos are of actual item. Climate controlled storage and minimally handled. Sold as is. Only one available.

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