2000 Tonka Rescue 88 Paramedic Ambulance with Lights and Sound Action

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Year: 2000
Manufacturer: Tonka / Hasbro / Funrise
Condition: Very good condition
First edition vintage collectable

Tonka is famous for quality toys, and their line of emergency services vehicles is no exception. Like the other vehicles in the series, this Rescue 88 Ambulance is a highly detailed replica of a real emergency vehicle.

It literally has all the bells and whistles! 4 buttons on the side door activate a combination of voice, sirens and horns, each one loud and clear as the day it was made. This ambulance has a total of 14 flashing lights including a flashing light bar on the roof, plus lights on the sides, front and back! 3 sets of working doors on the sides open up to reveal storage shelves, and double doors open up in back. Includes 2 original hard to find patient gurneys. Everything works great! See video below. We’ll even include 3 AA batteries so it’s ready for action!

The body of the truck is made of high grade molded plastic that almost feels like metal, with no discoloring after two decades. There are lots of detailed markings including Paramedic Ambulance, Emergency 911, Rescue 88, and of course the Tonka name on the front, sides, top and back. Amazingly detailed! Red and white in color with chrome and black accents. This item has been gently played with, but is in great condition for it’s age.

The Rescue 88 Ambulance measures 13 1/2″ long, 5″ wide, 5 1/2″ tall. Production markings on the bottom: Funrise 1999, Tonka and Hasbro 2000.

Photos are of of actual item. Climate controlled storage and minimally handled. Sold as is. Only 1 available.

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