1999 McDonalds Disney’s Inspector Gadget 8 piece mega figure

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Year: 1999
Condition: Very good condition items in good condition packages
First edition vintage collectables

This was a unique promotion for the time. Based on the Inspector Gadget movie starring Matthew Broderick, each of the 8 toys has it’s own Go Go Gadget function. Plus, as a unique twist, all 8 toys assemble to make a complete mega size Inspector Gadget figure standing a full 15” tall! Very clever and rare to find a complete set in such great shape. (Or to find a toy with Matthew Broderick’s face on it!)

8 toys are included: Siren Hat, Squirter Arm, Arm Grabber, Secret Communicator, Narvic 7 chest sparker (no longer sparks), Leg Tool, Leg Circuit Signaler, and Watch Belt. The tops of the polybags have been slit open for access but otherwise everything is in great shape. Several items use batteries, which have since depleted. We will be happy to replace all batteries before shipping so they work like new when you receive them!

Photos are of of actual item. Climate controlled storage and minimally handled. Sold as is. Only one set available.

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