1999 Halloween Meanies “GRISLY GRIZZLIES” Set of 3

$49.00 $39.20

Year: 1999
Manufacturer: The Idea Factory
Condition: Near mint condition
First edition vintage collectable

These are three collectable “Grisly Grizzlies” from 1999, featuring Frankenbear, Dracubear, and Bearwitched! Only 10,000 were manufactured of each Meanie Beanie. They’re amazingly detailed with lots of plush soft fabric and filled with PE beads. Frankenbear has bolts in his head and neck and a fur vest. Dracubear has a cape, vest and bow tie. Bearwitch has long scragly hair tucked under her witches hat and is carrying a broom. Scary but very cuddly! Each has all their tags and each one is individually numbered in this extremely limited edition.

Photos are of actual item. Purchased at auction of a retail gift store owner’s private collection of rarities, never offered at retail. Climate controlled storage and minimally handled. Sold as is. Only a few sets available.

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