1999 Austin Powers Talking Silly Slammer and Talking Keychain

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Year: 1999 Manufacturer: Silly Slammers Item 118 and Basic Fun Item 841-0
Condition: Very good condition both items
First edition vintage collectables

Shagadelic baby! Two talking Austin Powers talking toys. Basic Fun Talking Keychain with 4 shagadelic sayings: “Yeah baby!” “Smashing baby!” “Oh behave!”, and “Do I make you horny baby? Yeah, do I?” all in the authentic Mike Meyers voice. Includes the package and molded Austin Powers head. The plastic bubble cover has been slit so the keychain can be removed, but everything is fully intact and in great shape.

Silly Slammers Austin Powers beanbag has three sayings when you throw him down on a hard surface. The battery is no longer working. You can have him as is, or we’ll carefully open the stitching and replace the battery if you like, at no extra charge. He’s made of a soft plush stitched material and is about 4” x 5” x 2” thick.

The keychain package is in good condition except for the cut in the plastic cover. It measures 5 1/2” x 7” x 2”, the bean bag is not packaged, and the original round tag is included. The tag has a slight tear.

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