1998 Austin Powers Poseable Talking Figure in Box

$96.00 $76.80

Year: 1995
Manufacturer: Trendmasters
Condition: Mint condition in mint package
First edition vintage collectable

Women want him… men want to be him… he’s the International Man of Mystery! And now you can have the one and only Austin Powers Talking Action Figure! This figure was released to coincide with the first Austin Powers movie. Austin is looking totally shagadelic in his blue velvet suit, ruffle shirt, horn-rim glasses, male symbol necklace, pistol, and Union Jack underwear! He even has a hairy chest, and oh, those teeth! This is an amazingly detailed figure and fully poseable arms and legs. 9” tall figure standing on a 1” base with a speaker.

Mike Meyers provides the original voice for 4 of his favorite sayings: “Very shagadelic!”, “Smashing baby!”, “Oh, behave!”, “Yeah, baby!” and can be played without removing Austin from his groovy pad. Very rare and very collectable.

Austin’s “package” is impressive as well, a full 12 1/2″ tall x 6″ x 3″ and covered in a psychedelic explosion of colors and photos of Austin, Dr. Evil, and one of the Fembots. Mint condition. Photos are of of actual item. Climate controlled storage and minimally handled. Sold as is. Only one available. Yeah baby!

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