1995 Toy Story Slinky Dog mint in box

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Manufacturer: James Industries item 225000
Condition: Mint condition in mint box
First edition vintage collectable

Kids tended to bend the spring as soon as Slinky Dog was taken out of his box, so virtually all of them have ended up in the trash. But this Slinky Dog is in mint shape and was minimally handled.

Slinky Dog stands 7” tall and about 16” long from the tip of his nose to his springy tail and has soft floppy ears. Slinky Dog stretches to 4 feet and longer. He comes with a 19” pull-string leash so he can be taken for a walk.

The box is 7” x 10 1/2” x 4 1/2” and in mint condition with colorful Toy Story images all over the box. Photos are of of actual item. Climate controlled storage and minimally handled. Sold as is. Only one available.

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