1995 Toy Story Digital Watch Set of 2 mint in package

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Manufacturer: Good Stuff item 8109512 (Buzz)
Manufacturer: Good Stuff item 8109513 (Woody)
Condition: Mint condition in mint package
First edition vintage collectables

Two collectable vintage digital quartz watches. Very cool retro designs feature a clock with the date and time. One watch features Woody in a 3-D lenticular on a flip up cover. Flip it up to see the digital clock on a blue and white cloud Toy Story logo and background. The white watch strap is imprinted with the logo and features images of Woody, Buzz, Slinky Dog, Hamm, Little Bo Peep, a toy soldier, and Mr. Potato Head. Old fashioned buckle-style closure. 9 1/2” watch and strap length.

The other watch features Buzz Lightyear and a dark blue watch band with stars and spaceships, along with the Buzz Lightyear logo on the watch strap loop. Also has an old fashioned buckle-style closure. 9 1/2” watch and strap length.

Watches are individually packed in 4” x 11” blister packs that have never been opened and are in mint shape. Photos are of of actual item. Climate controlled storage and minimally handled. Sold as is. Only one set available.

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