1995 Toy Story Burger King Kids Meal Toys 15 pc. Misc. Set

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Year: 1995
Manufacturer: Disney / Burger King
Condition: Very good to mint condition
First edition vintage collectables

This is a 15 pc. set of kids meal toys. A majority are from the original Toy Story movie. Most of the item were released when the original movie came out in 1995, so they are first edition collectables. This is an incomplete set but there are multiples of some of the items such as Woody. If you’re looking for miscellaneous figures to complet your first edition of Burger King Toy Story toys, this is for you!

Set includes:
5 Woody 6″ tall plush figures each sealed in polybag
1 Buzz Lightyear 4″ tall figure with pop-out wings sealed in polybag
3 Rex the Dinosaur press and go rollers – 2 sealed, 1 loose with no polybag
2 Mr. Potatohead walking figures – 1 sealed, 1 loose with no polybag
1 Army Man Paratrooper with Parachute open polybag

Bonus miscellaneous figures:
1 McDonalds Jessie 5″ figurine with rope in open polybag from Toy Story 2 (not shown)
1 McDonalds Prospector with barrel 5″ in open polybag from Toy Story 2 (not shown)
1 General Mills Cereal Woody 3″ figure sealed in polybag from the 1st Toy Story movie.

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