1995 Toy Story Baby Face Spider Action Figurine

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Manufacturer: Thinkway Toys item 62881
Condition: Very good condition item, packaging has been opened
First edition vintage collectable

Andy’s next door neighbor Sid Phillips has his own collection of toys, including the “mutants”- a mash-up of old toy parts put together by Sid. The leader of the mutant toys is Baby Face, a one-eyed Baby Doll head staked on top of a spider-like body with moving crab-like pincers made of Erector set pieces. This is an amazingly oddball toy and very collectable. Baby Face has a pull-back mechanism and the legs shake as it rolls along. Baby Face is missing all it’s hair, which has happened so often in real life. One eye has eyelashes and hangs between open and closed, winking eerily at you. The other eye is missing completely. In other words, it’s in original condition! Surround him with the Bucket O Soldiers and make your own monster movie!

Baby Face is about 8” across and 3 1/2” tall when assembled. The blister pack backer card measures 8 3/4” x 12” card. This item has been opened. It was cut around the base. But all the original parts are still included and the package is in otherwise good condiion with minimal shelf wear..

Sold as is. Last one available.

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