1990’s Tonka Engine No. 5 Fire Pumper Truck

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Year: 1990’s
Manufacturer: Tonka
Condition: Good condition
First edition vintage collectable

The first thing most people say about a vintage metal Tonka toy is “they sure don’t make toys like that anymore”. The Tonka Engine No. 5 Fire Pumper Truck is a great example of a solid, well made toy built to last. At nearly TWO FEET long, No. 5 is large from an adult’s perspective. For a child, it must have seemed absolutely HUGE! It has a working ladder control tp raise the ladder, with a second control to double the length of the ladder to 32″ long! The siren doesn’t work but turning the crank produces an idling diesel engine sound. It has a few vintage scratches from light play, but it’s in great shape with all parts intact. The Tonka name is embosssed on the front grille, on the back of the truck and on all the wheels. The wheels look great and the truck rolls like new. See photos.

Photos are of of actual item. Climate controlled storage and minimally handled. Sold as is. Only one is available.

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