1980’s Felix the Cat, Robot, Dog and Cat Push Button Toy Set of 4

$49.00 $39.20

Year: 1980’s
Manufacturer: Various manufacturers
Condition: Good to very good condition
First edition vintage collectables

Push button toys were very popular at one time and are sought after as collectables from a simpler day gone by. Push the button under the base and make the character sway, dance and fall down, then pop right back up to play some more!. This set of four make a fun collection for the beginner or someone who wants to add to their collection. 

4 1/2” tall Felix the Cat – Made entirely of wood, this is made by FTCP Inc. and has a vintage Felix look.
4 1/4” tall Red Robot – Plastic, made by MT of England
3 1/2” tall Dog – Plastic, made by MT
3” tall Cat – Made entirely of wood, unknown manufacturer

Photos are of of actual items. Climate controlled storage and minimally handled. Sold as is. Only one set available.

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