1977 STAR WARS MAD / Cracked Magazines Set of 3

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Year: 1977
Manufacturer: Mad Magazine, Cracked Magazine
Condition: Good condition
1st edition vintage collectable

First edition vintage collectables

MAD was the premier humor magazine for decades, and in 1977 they were at the top of their game with a satire of STAR WARS. MAD No.196 from January 1978 STAR ROARS features Lube Skystalker, Princess Laidup, Ham Yoyo, Chewbacco, Oldie Von Moldie, the robots Barstool and Cree-Pio, and the rest of the STAR WARS universe as only MAD Magazine could imagine it! Great cover with Alfred E. Neuman as the Evil Zader!

MAD Magazine No. 203 from December 1978 features “The Force and I”, a STAR WARS Musical. Funny stuff! Both MADS feature great cover art paintings by MAD artist Jack Rickard.

BONUS!: FREE STAR WARS CRACKED MAGAZINE included. Cracked was a big rival of MAD back then, and did their own pardody of STAR WARS characters. Included is Cy-Threepiu and Arty-Ditto’s “A Souvenir Photo Album of their Visit to Earth”,  a full color inside front and back cover painting by Powers featuring the “STAR BAR” Cantina with the aliens all laughing at Sylvester P. Smythe, CRACKED Magazine’s janitor and cover boy! Cover date of January 1978. All 3 are in fair to good shape, some edge wear and corner rounding and a slight tear in the CRACKED back cover but otherwise in good shape with all interior artwork intact.

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