1973 – 1975 WACKY PACKAGES Stickers and Puzzle Cards Series 2-12 in Deluxe Custom Collectors Binder

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Year: 1973 and 1974
Manufacturer: Topps
Condition: Near mint condition
First edition vintage collectables


If you laugh when you hear “Burpsi Cola”, “Blunder Bread” ‘Badzooka”, “Head & Boulders”, “Plastered Peanuts” you are definitely a Wacky Packages fan! Here is a one of a kind collectors book filled with 34 double sided pages containing nearly 400 original early 1970’s Wacky Packages stickers, in like new condition.

This collection was literally stored into a shoe box from 1975 to March of 2022, when the collection was plucked from obscurity and given a major upgrade. The stickers and cards are still in excellent condition and have been transferred to premium quality archival pocket storage pages, which are bound in a one of a kind deluxe collector’s 3 ring binder.

The custom collector’s binder is filled with 394 out of 475 total stickers and puzzle cards featured in the first 12 series of Wacky Packages. That’s 83% completed by the original collector. The collection is missing Series 1 plus misc. cards from other sets, for a total of 81 needed to complete the collection.

The design of the collectors binder makes completing the collection fun! You’ll know which Wacky Packages are needed by looking at the black and white “place holder” images showing which Wacky Packages are needed (see photos). A collector can easily find the remaining cards online from sources like eBay, making this a valuable collection well on it’s way to completion. (On 12/21 Series 1-15 sold for $2,500, and another one sold on 01/22 for $1950.)

These have not been graded but there are no bent corners, folds, scratches or curling. More photos available if you need to see close-ups. Photos are of actual items. Climate controlled storage and minimally handled. Sold as is. Sold as a set only. Only one set available. Get your Wormy Packages today!

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