1940’s Hitler “Der Phew-er” Skunk Chalkware Figure

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Year: 1940’s

Manufacturer: Unknown

Condition: Very good to mint condition

First edition vintage collectables

Known popularly as “Der Phew-er”, this is a 5 1/2” tall chalkware figure featuring the world’s most infamous mass murderer, Adolph Hitler. These were produced and sold during the depths of World War II to help unite Americans against the Axis. Ones like this were even sold in the 1944 Johnson Smith novelty catalog.

This is in really good shape, with a minor chip on the very tip of the tail. Very minor hairline paint cracking lines, but barely visible. A very rare political collectable nearly 3/4 of a century old.

Photos are of of actual item. Climate controlled storage and minimally handled. Sold as is. Only one available.

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